At INNOVIM Defense Services, we’ve created a culture based on growth, innovation, professionalism, and technical excellence. It is this mix of unique values that forms the core of our work, fueling our success and driving us to achieve positive results for our customers.

Our team includes scientists, engineers, and technologists. Each is passionate about delivering mission-critical information to our customers with transparency, accuracy, and integrity. Our employees engage in activities that make a significant impact every day—generating and utilizing data from satellites and ground stations used in weather prediction and national defense operations. We strive to create a brighter future for Americans and the planet. We also believe in helping our employees create a better future for themselves by fostering their entrepreneurial spirits, passion for their work, and continued learning.

Working at INNOVIM Defense Services

What’s a typical day like at INNOVIM Defense Services? In our world, there is no “typical.” Our employees wear many different hats during the course of a day, and throughout their careers. From developing ground systems that control satellites and updating dozens of websites that make data available to mitigating cyber threats against servers while developing new ways for the public to access information from agencies—no two days are alike.

We take our work seriously but we know how to have fun too. We are a quirky bunch of characters who enjoy welcoming new people to our team. Each individual’s unique vision and voice contribute to INNOVIM Defense Services and what it is. We seek out people who help us move to where we want to go. Our employees embody intelligence, curiosity, drive, commitment, fun, energy, collaboration, and—most importantly—a passion for their work.

We are also a caring group, working to enhance benefits, providing support to each other, and helping our community through donations and participating in STEM, diversity, and community charity programs.


  • More than 150 employees
  • Participated in programs and work actions in 12 countries
  • 75% of employees have advanced degrees, PhDs, or technical / professional certifications
  • Access to on-line training resources in a variety of technical areas


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Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Employee Voluntary Life
  • Accidental Death/Dismemberment
  • Employee assistance program
  • Life Insurance
  • Short- and Long-Term Disability
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Option for supplemental medical insurance


INNOVIM Defense Services is committed to helping employees realize their goals, both professionally and personally. From career advancement opportunities to tuition reimbursement, we help our employees get to where they want to go.

INNOVIM Defense Services is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer that believes in growing and promoting a diverse work force. We offer a competitive, comprehensive, and expanding package of employee benefits.

Employee Testimonials

  • Working alongside the brightest scientific and technical minds gives me a huge boost in confidence, and finding like-minded colleagues makes work more enjoyable!

    Jordan Testimonial
  • We have a fantastic group of outgoing and talented professionals on the team, and I am proud to be a part of it. We serve an important mission for our customers and are clearly respected for our dedication and quality of service. I also appreciate the support INNOVIM provided in making us feel like family from the start. I believe in our mission and enjoy working with the technologies we use as well as learning new skills while keeping the old ones sharp.

    John Testimonial
  • My main duties involve the development of research and tools useful to the forecasters of the Climate Prediction Center and thus, ultimately beneficial to our stakeholders and deep core relationship partners. INNOVIM provides the opportunity to work with leading scientists in the climatology/meteorology fields. It fosters an environment for research and innovation, while simultaneously managing an operational framework that has real-time impacts on society.

    Laura Testimonial
  • My primary job is providing acquisition and engineering expertise for a government customer to respond to project issues/challenges, strategy and rationale, and requests from leadership. I am happy with my decision to transition to NOAA/NWS as I believe in the mission and am glad to be a part of it.

    Ryan Testimonial
  • I enjoy working in an environment with management support of Agile and Lean principles and working with the NASA government personnel, especially on the products for earth science data exploration.

    Cheryl Testimonial

A Word from Our Chief Operating Officer, Marianna Murphy

INNOVIM Defense Services’ mission is to deliver innovative, data-driven systems that provide the mission-critical information our customers need to create a brighter, safer environment for our nation. This isn’t just a statement to us—it’s the backbone of every decision we make.

Our work is not only exciting, it’s meaningful. We use science, computing, and engineering to solve difficult problems for our customers and enable them to make intelligent decisions. We have the privilege of serving our great nation and supporting our citizens every day. The projects we undertake can be daunting, but our intelligent, dedicated, and eager employees rise to the challenge every time.

INNOVIM Defense Services has been recognized by the prestigious Inc. 5000 List as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. That momentum of growth and innovation is something we want to continue by hiring new employees who are creative, curious, and committed to creating a better future. With each new addition to our company, the INNOVIM Defense Services’ personality changes, helping us stay ahead of the curve and deepen customer relationships.

If you value intelligence, achievement, and fun, I invite you to become a part of our exciting organization. Check out our open positions for an up-to-date listing of career opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in INNOVIM Defense Services.

Are you interested in making a difference?

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Life at INNOVIM Defense Services

Core Capabilities

INNOVIM Defense Services’ capabilities span the data lifecycle. Our scientists and engineers create and collect data through sensors located on Earth and in space, manage the infrastructure that supports large-scale data analysis, and transform the results into actionable information through data visualization techniques and decision-making systems.

Who We Serve

INNOVIM serves US government agencies including the Department of Defense (DoD), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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