INNOVIM and NanoSatisfi Partner on Commercial Weather Data Initiative

INNOVIM has signed a partnership agreement with NanoSatisfi, Inc. to develop and market commercial satellite weather data products.

“INNOVIM is keenly aware that the weather data market is on the brink of change,” says INNOVIM President Shahin Samadi. “With NanoSatisfi, we will innovate our way to the forefront of this new opportunity.”

NanoSatisfi is a CubeSat company on a mission to make space more accessible via open source control of remote sensors housed in a 1U-3U frame comprised of commercial components. Following a profitable scaling period in the education market, NanoSatisfi will enter the $15B Earth Observation data market with a constellation of satellites providing comprehensive, near real-time coverage with applications across verticals such as Finance, Weather, Natural Resources, Disaster Management, Asset Tracking, and Agriculture. The company has been recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change and is currently shortlisted for the Wall Street Journal’s Startup of the Year award.

INNOVIM will work with NanoSatisfi to optimize orbital sensor selection and develop climate and weather data products using our insights from ten years of supporting NASA and NOAA climate scientists and meteorologists from satellite design to network architecture and data exploitation. NanoSatisfi’s philosophy of rapid innovation and iteration with multiple CubeSat launches each year means that we will be able to quickly implement advances in technical capability, dynamically evolve processing algorithms, and respond to market demands.

This partnership will provide a valuable service during the anticipated 17 month data gap that will occur between the retirement of Suomi-NPP and JPSS-1 in 2016-2018. These polar satellites provide crucial weather data to North America and Europe. INNOVIM and NanoSatisfi’s solution offer a flexible, scalable alternative, faster and at reduced cost compared to traditional weather satellites. In the long term, our development of commercial sources and data products will ultimately benefit the taxpayer via lower cost access to advanced technology and services.