INNOVIM Featured in NASA.FY14 Small Business Industry Awards Publication

INNOVIM was proud to be recognized as the NASA Goddard Small Business Subcontractor of Fiscal Year 2014. Now, the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) has featured INNOVIM and other NASA center winners in its yearly Small Business Industry Awards publication.

INNOVIM’s consistent and reliable performance has been repeatedly recognized by both NASA customers and our prime contract partners. INNOVIM works with NASA and our primes to grow our programs, some by as much as 40 percent. Customers rely on INNOVIM’s programmatic knowledge and request our continuing support even as prime contracts end and new tasks are awarded. We cultivate skilled staff and demonstrate that we value their contributions to solving NASA’s challenges. We have employees who have co-invented NASA technologies and who have taken lead roles for their NASA customers. We have represented our primes and customers at technical meetings and led the development of major subsystems. Our people make this company great, and our customers clearly appreciate our track record of unfailing support.

Browse the document below to learn more about OSBP’s programs and INNOVIM’s contribution (page 30) to making a a big difference as a small business at NASA.