INNOVIM Nominated for Human Resource Leadership Award

INNOVIM co-leads a team of Washington, DC area companies who have been recognized for Innovation in Human Resource Leadership with a nomination for a 2014 HR Leadership award. INNOVIM’s VP of Talent Management Michael Kramer, along with his counterparts at the American Geophysical Union and MPR Associates, is being honored for initiating and driving a collaboration among more than 25 companies on the implementation of a common Human Resource Management system which supports many of their growth and support activities.

“Faced with the need to maximize resources for training and development, we saw the opportunity to learn from one another,” says Michael. “By expanding our network to the larger user community we sensed that many others could benefit as well, while contributing to our group knowledge.”

The Human Resource Leadership Awards of Greater Washington (HRLA) recognized the three companies this past week for collaborating in an initiative that brought the diverse group of DC-area companies together to share in training, new development, and problem-solving activities that enable them to utilize their UltiPro HRIS tools from Ultimate Software in a supportive and educational environment.

“The three companies initiating the group demonstrated an uncommon proclivity to teach their teams to share and learn from one-another to work together for professional advancement of our standards and obligations,” reads the HRLA nomination. The winners will be announce in June.