Dr. Philip Ardanuy elected President of the Goddard Contractors Association

Following the ceremonial handing over of the gavel on Wednesday, 4 September by outgoing Goddard Contractors Association (GCA) President Kim Barnstable of Ball Aerospace, Dr. Philip Ardanuy, INNOVIM’s Chief Scientist, took over as President at the meeting. The GCA is an organization which serves as a medium for the exchange of information between members of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) management and that of GSFC’s contractor community. In addition to the Greenbelt GSFC campus, Goddard also includes Wallops Flight Facility, the Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) Facility, and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, including a highly skilled technical workforce of over 3,300 civil service and 6,000 contractor employees. Recognizing that it is the combined activities of the many contractor businesses who make GSFC their focus alongside GSFC’s civil servants that make Goddard’s challenging space flight accomplishments possible, Phil’s first action as incoming President, with concurrence of the GCA board, was to put in place a theme that recognized this:

Our Collaborative Goddard Partnership, Building the Future Together.

Phil is joined on the GCA board by Vice President Marisa Ashee of a.i.solutions, Secretary Mark Fuerst of Columbus Technologies and Services, and Program Chair Joe Poist of SAIC.