Local STEM Student Tours NASA GSFC with INNOVIM Program Manager

Ask any of INNOVIM’s innovators supporting NASA and NOAA how they came to be in their positions and many of them will bring you back to their childhoods. Interest in STEM fields often starts in childhood and grows through education and engagement. At INNOVIM, we believe that it is not only our responsibility to provide exceptional services and support to our customers, but to also engage the innovators of the future. After meeting Barnabas and his mom at the December luncheon of the Maryland Space Business Roundtable, we knew we had met one of those future innovators. On Monday, January 27, Barnabas and his mom joined INNOVIM Program Manager/Systems Engineer, Paul Sweatman at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for a personal tour of the facilities.

Throughout the tour, Barnabas’ eyes were filled with fascination as he hung on every word Paul shared about the many areas of study that go into the success of each NASA mission. From software engineering and astrophysics to journalism and history, Paul explained the expansive skillsets needed to do what the team at NASA does everyday. Though Barnabas wasn’t quite sure which area of science he wants to focus on (he’s got time, after all!) it was clear that there is plenty of STEM in this young man’s future. We look forward to bringing Barnabas onto the INNOVIM team in a decade or so.