President Cindi Brown Featured as STEMbassador on WKYC Cleveland

INNOVIM’s President, Cindi Brown, was featured as STEMbassador on WKYC Cleveland where she shared her experience as a woman in STEM with Chief Meteorologist, Betsy Kling. During their discussion, Cindi reflected on how she discovered her passion for programming, “taking a problem and turning it something that you could solve with code” at a time when very few women were involved in computer science.

As advocates for women and girls in STEM, Cindi and INNOVIM support several groups, including the Alabama Nerdettes, promoting STEM education and inclusion.

Click here to watch to full interview!


About WKYC STEMbassador

Girls in STEM | Growing Curiosity is a weekly segment featured Fridays at 7PM on WKYC that highlights cool STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) stories.  We’re helping to shine the spotlight on women and girls in an effort to change the face of STEM role models and encourage all students to explore and engage.