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Air Force CPASC

INNOVIM is a subcontractor to Kratos Federal Systems Group supporting the U.S. Air Command and Control System – Consolidated (CCS-C) Production and Sustainment Contract (CPASC). The CCS-C is the satellite control ground system which provides the capability to control and monitor Department of Defense (DoD) military communications satellites at Schriever AFB, CO, and Vandenberg AFB, CA.

INNOVIM provides operations Technical Orders (TOs) for each of four satellite families, which include DSCS, Milstar, WGS, and AEHF. Its personnel update existing procedures and develop new procedures as required, following changes to the ground system or new satellites being launched. These operational procedures cover multiple activities during every satellite’s mission, including mission planning, orbital analysis, archiving, trend analysis, routine satellite operations, and anomaly resolution.

Project Benefits

INNOVIM has ensured the continued accuracy and usability of more than 360 normal and over 140 emergency and malfunction procedures held within six TOs containing almost 1,500 figures and more than 5,500 pages. Currently, INNOVIM is maintaining two TO baselines in preparation for an architecture upgrade in 2019, when the legacy baseline will be superseded.  The company’s personnel analyze system changes and coordinate with satellite operators to develop updated procedures, figures, and descriptive text to support at least 10 software releases each calendar year. INNOVIM supports verification to ensure the TOs reflect the needs of Air Force satellite operators. Every TO delivery has been delivered either early or on time throughout the life of the contract.  The company has earned a 90% Performance Incentive Fee for every year of the contract.

Core Capabilities

INNOVIM’s capabilities span the data lifecycle. Our scientists and engineers create and collect data through sensors located on Earth and in space, manage the infrastructure that supports large-scale data analysis, and transform the results into actionable information through data visualization techniques and decision-making systems.

Who We Serve

INNOVIM serves US government agencies including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Department of Defense (DoD).

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