NOAA: Case Studies


National Weather Service (NWS) Radiosonde

INNOVIM developed the acquisition strategy and performed lifecycle cost modeling to facilitate the modernization and enhancement of NWS Radiosonde (weather balloon) observation systems and migrate 92 operational sites to a Congressionally-mandated radio frequency band in order to maintain and improve environmental intelligence capabilities of the NWS.

These efforts included an unprecedented level of analysis at NWS in order to make an informed decision that considered 20-year lifecycle costs and impacts including decommissioning and disposal. The trade space of analysis included the consideration of a dramatic change to operations by use of an automated launch radiosonde system.

Project Benefits

INNOVIM obtained input from users at the outset of the project through stakeholder meetings surveys and analyzed and codified NWS requirements through the introduction of DOORS NextGen. The project brought NWS’ upper-air observations in line with world-wide radio frequency standards and enhanced competition among COTS vendors and multiple sources.

NPP Data Exploitation (NDE)

INNOVIM supported the development of a scalable enterprise ground system to process, generate, and distribute weather products and climate products to NOAA customers using data from the next generation of polar-orbiting environmental satellites. Specifically, it delivered project management, testing, and systems verification services for the NDE 2.0 Work Assignment, including ingest and product generation functions.

NPP Data Exploitation (NDE) is an element of ESPDS-DEV that is responsible for developing and transitioning to operations the first ground system for ESPDS to ingest Suomi National Polar Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) data from the NPP Ground System, generate tailored and NESDIS-Unique environmental products from instrument data, and distribute these products to authorized users. NDE 2.0 is the Ingest and Product Generation component of an ESPDS Enterprise system scheduled to transition to SNPP operations in November 2016.

INNOVIM provided Project Management and System Verification for this development (ESPDS-DEV), under subcontract to Solers. INNOVIM’s responsibilities cross all activities:

  • Software development
  • Software and algorithm integration and test
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Verification
  • Project management and testing
  • System testing and V&V

Project Benefits

INNOVIM’s NDE 2.0 development did not cause a single day of schedule delay. By following repeatable processes to ensure testing, gate reviews, and document deliverables are all delivered on time, INNOVIM’s Project Management and System Verification services kept ESPDS NDE 2.0 development on schedule.

Core Capabilities

INNOVIM’s capabilities span the data lifecycle. Our scientists and engineers create and collect data through sensors located on Earth and in space, manage the infrastructure that supports large-scale data analysis, and transform the results into actionable information through data visualization techniques and decision-making systems.

Who We Serve

INNOVIM serves US government agencies including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Department of Defense (DoD).

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